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Barefoot Be Lenka Icon year-round - Black

Be Lenka barefoot is a stylish handmade high quality footwear. We have selected only the highest quality materials for the shoes and we pay attention to their every detail. A special barefoot sole guarantees you the highest comfort when walking. The shoes are unisex, made of leather and after impregnation they are suitable for any weather.

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Barefoot Be Lenka Icon celoroční - Black
Barefoot Be Lenka Icon celoroční - BlackBarefoot Be Lenka Icon celoroční - Black podrážkaBarefoot Be Lenka Icon - Black Barefoot Be Lenka Icon celoroční - Black bokBarefoot Be Lenka Icon celoroční - Black párBarefoot Be Lenka Icon - Black - pár
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Type od abbot: sturdy heel

Be Lenka Icon

Upper: smooth leather
Lining : skin

Color : black

Be Lenka barefoot year-round leather shoes are stylish barefoot unisex shoes, suitable for any occasion. You can take them for a walk in the city, a business meeting, in nature but also for a party.

The year-round Be Lenka shoes are made of quality leather, thanks to which they adapt perfectly to the shape of each foot. The sole, 4 mm, is maximally flexible and pliable. Thanks to the fact that the shoes have an extended front part at the toes, they provide comfort, natural movement, do not push the foot in any way, do not rub or restrict it, and thus guarantee comfort even during all-day use.

After impregnation, year-round shoes are suitable for any weather. We recommend impregnating Barefoot Be Lenka shoes regularly to ensure that they are resistant to dirt and dust.

Human feet are by nature built for natural movement without restriction. Be Lenka barefoot shoes support all the natural properties of the feet and allow the feet to work completely freely and naturally, without any restrictions. They perfectly imitate walking barefoot, exactly as nature invented.

Type of footwear: fashion footwear

The shoes are not intended for sports. Especially during cycling, rock climbing and other heavily stressed activities, mechanical damage to the sole can occur.



Width (cm)

Length (cm)

36 8.9 23.3
37 9.3 24.0
38 9.5 24.5
39 9.7 25.0
40 9.9 25.7
41 10.0 26.4
42 10.3 27.2
43 10.5 27.9
44 10.7 29.0
45 10.8 29.6
46 11.2 30.3


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