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Barefoot FOOT blue 37-38

Comfortable, barefoot sock that is unique in its packaging. You choose socks one by one and you color-match a pair according to your ideas.

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Barefoot PoNOŽKA modrá
Barefoot PoNOŽKA modráBarefoot PoNOŽKA modrá obal
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Code:ponozkamodra 38-39
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Barefoot FOOT blue

THE FOOT is designed to give our feet a unique feeling of comfort and freedom. If you combine an extremely comfortable sock and a barefoot shoe, you benefit your body shell a lot. When walking barefoot, the nerve endings on the foot are stimulated, the posture changes and we are allowed a completely unique connection with the environment. At the same time, thanks to the unique concept of one-piece sales, you can completely unleash your imagination and show your uniqueness. Are you in the mood to wear one pink sock and the other a yellow sock? Are you a fan of metal and there is no other color than black for you? We are here for you, for all without distinction. Production takes place exclusively in the Czech Republic using the most local materials possible.

- we present you a barefoot sock that will provide you with enough space for your toes. The sock is packaged and sold in one piece, so you can buy and combine colors that you will like.

How is it different from ordinary socks?

- the tip is anatomically shaped and the shape remains even after washing, comfortable seamless connection of the tip, the so-called chaining, which does not prevent the natural movement of the fingers.

- have been developed and tested by a barefoot friendly physiotherapist

- they don't have a seam to push you

- the knit is looser at the tip and on the instep, so there is no contraction


Comfortable seamless toe connection, so-called chaining, which does not prevent the natural movement of the fingers.


The gradually expanding grip of the knit allows completely free movement of the foot.


A gentle but firm grip prevents the sock from rolling over on the foot.


Loose ribbed hem suitable for various calf shapes and sizes.

Sizes: 24-25 cm - 37-38

           26-27 cm - 39-41

           28-29 cm - 42-44

           30-31 cm - 45-47

Color : blue

Composition : 78% cotton, 20% polyamide, 2% elastane

Made in the Czech Republic

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