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Bosoboty Leguano Go: mixed red 36

leguano go bosoboty - casual and natural - very comfortable - have enough space for toes - extremely flexible and flexible

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Bosoboty Leguano Go: mixed red
Bosoboty Leguano Go: mixed redLeguano Go: mixed redBosoboty Leguano Go: mixed red bokBosoboty Leguano Go: mixed red zepředuBosoboty Leguano Go: mixed red zezaduBosoboty Leguano Go: mixed red ohebnost
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188,80 €In stock Jabkenice
188,80 €In stock Jabkenice
188,80 €In stock Jabkenice
188,80 €In stock Jabkenice and Kolín
188,80 €In stock Jabkenice
188,80 €In stock Jabkenice
188,80 €In stock Jabkenice
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Code:GOred 36
Price with VAT : 188,80 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:In stock Jabkenice ( 36 )
in stock, ready for dispatch
Width: úzké
Type od abbot: without flat


Go: Mixed - in shades of red / black

This minimalist shoe provides the necessary freedom of movement for everyday activities. It is extremely comfortable and suitable for use in the office and as an elegant model for leisure.

Thanks to the sophisticated knit, the fabric is breathable and thanks to its design it creates an active effect.

A high degree of freedom of movement is made possible by the patented sole, which is flexible and the thickness is only a few millimeters, making our bosobots particularly flexible and providing maximum sensory feedback.

Each shoe is unique, handmade in Germany.

Feel barefoot - always and everywhere!


Upper : 100% polyester Insole : 50% polyamide, 48% polyurethane, 2% dye Sole : 100% Lifolit

Care instructions : Wash at 30 ° C in a washing bag (gentle program).

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