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BREBERKY - Fabric bra inserts

They are used in the same way as disposable ones, you just don´t throw them in the trash, but you wash them.

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BREBERKY - Látkové vložky do podprsenky
BREBERKY - Látkové vložky do podprsenkyBREBERKY - vložky do podprsenky
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Accessories - Cloth diapers, hygiene items

BREBERKY - Fabric bra inserts

During breastfeeding, women's breasts are extremely sensitive and the fabric breast pads are clearly the most comfortable and healthiest protection against milk leakage. Thanks to the breathable materials, they are also extremely airy , so you don't have to worry about scalding or yeast infections. The contact layer is made of antibacterial bamboo-organic cotton terry and the extra absorbency is ensured by organic terry cotton.

Diameter : 11 cm

Benefits at a glance:

  • highly breathable
  • unbleached and unscented
  • more absorbent than disposable
  • it is quick and easy to replace
  • antibacterial natural material in organic quality
  • reliable protection even in the event of a large milk leak


  1. BAMBOO / TERRY - permeable but highly breathable (more absorbent than cotton)
  2. FLEECE - semi-permeable but breathable (for medium milk leakage)
  3. PUL - impermeable, less breathable than previous variants, but in comparison with disposable still heaven and bagpipes :) (for a large milk leak, especially in the sixth week, or for women with a strong trigger reflex)


BAMBOO / TERRY - The lower and tactile part is made of fluffy bamboo terry (60% bamboo terry 40% organic cotton), the reinforced center is formed by a layer of high-weight terry cloth (100% organic cotton). These are the most breathable and natural breast pads, but please note that they do not have a waterproof layer and are therefore completely permeable.

FLEECE: The bottom layer is made of fleece (100% polyester), the reinforced center is a layer of high-weight terry (100% cotton) and the touch part is made of fluffy bamboo terry (60% bamboo terry 40% cotton)

PUL: The outer layer of the insert is made of a modern material called Eco-PUL ™ (100% polyester laminated with polyurethane), which is waterproof and thus protects against leakage. Its functional membranes ensure breathability. The absorbent core consists of high-stretch organic cotton terry (100% organic cotton), which surprises with its super absorbency. The comfortable touch layer is then made of natural bamboo-organic cotton terry (60% bamboo viscose and 40% organic cotton)

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