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BREBERKY - Fleece M Tops - Velcro black

Fleece top panties

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BREBERKY - Svrchní kalhotky fleece M - suchý zip
BREBERKY - Svrchní kalhotky fleece M - suchý zipBREBERKY - Svrchní kalhotky fleece M - suchý zip detail
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BREBERKY - Fleece M Tops - Velcro

What they are used for: They are used as a top layer to protect clothes. You can only put them on a classic Czech square, panty or multi-layer diaper or Snap in One . They have "double rubber bands" and thus seal better around the legs. Be careful that the fleece is not 100% waterproof, after a long time it can get wet by the pressure and so it is not suitable, for example, for longer journeys in a car seat.

Advantages: The material ensures higher breathability of the diaper than the classic PUL top panties . They are therefore especially suitable for the time when the baby will not be repackaged for a long time (night sleep). It is not necessary to wash the panties after each use, just let them air out.







Material: fleece - 100% polyester

The materials are certified for children under 3 years.

maintenance of cloth


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