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Leather slippers - SANDALS

TAPTAPI leather slippers

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Kožené capáčky - SANDÁLKY MOTÝLCI
Kožené capáčky - SANDÁLKY MOTÝLCIKožené capáčky - SANDÁLKY MOTÝLCI tabulka velikostí
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Leather double-soled beige slippers with a sewn-on protective toe strip. Soft leather with a popular motif of blossoming flowers on a raspberry background. Designed by our own brand TAPTAPI. They have a dark beige sole (like the sewn-on toe stripe), with an extra layer inside for more insulation from the floor and a softer tread.

The protective strip on the toe of the sole protects the most stressed part against scuffing, you can clean the strip with a brush just like the sole (but not the rest of the colored leather cap, you would scratch and damage that).

The caps are easy for children to put on, keeping their feet warm and their socks on. You will definitely use them in car seats for traveling, in the shopping cart, in the stroller (why buy expensive shoes for little kids in the stroller that they won't use anyway ?), for changing, for home and for visiting... They hold well thanks to the elastic ankle, when climbing they will no longer come off the socks and at the same time they always fit, they are soft and flexible. The foot doesn't sweat so much in them, they are really comfortable and even children who keep taking off their classic slippers because they are annoying can tolerate them without any problem. Thanks to the fact that the sole is made of sanded leather, they are naturally anti-slip and very practical - we liked to use them as slippers at home, on visits, at grandma's, and even in granny's and some children's rings...

Made from safe leather exclusively for our own brand, they have the same cut as the CAPIKI brand; they represent unbeatable value for money. Moreover, we have our caps tested in a Czech laboratory and they meet all European standards for children under 3 years old.

Dimensions are the same as CAPIKI

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