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Orthopedic floor MUFFIK puzzle Logs beige

Massage, orthopedic mat not only for children

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Ortopedická podlaha MUFFIK puzzle Klády
Ortopedická podlaha MUFFIK puzzle KládyOrtopedická podlaha MUFFIK KládyOrtopedická podlaha MUFFIK puzzle Klády modráOrtopedická podlaha MUFFIK puzzle Klády hnědá
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11,52 €In stock Kolín
11,52 €In stock Kolín
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MUFFIK floors cannot be combined with other orthopedic floors (they have a different lock)

Everyone will really use this tool! In winter, when the foot is more closed, it feels a little less than in summer if you wear barefoot shoes. However, a lot of people turn into classics for the winter, and this is an even greater reason to buy something at home that will start us a little more.

They release the load and have relaxing effects when feeling sore feet
They will help you 100% when struggling with flat feet
The shape of the ripples on the rug mainly strengthens the muscles around the ankle
Our foot has about 200,000 nerve endings, we take advantage of that.  This is not a great tool just for small children who run on them as if they were not blinking. They are also suitable for mothers and dads who have a sedentary job or are still standing still. If possible, it is advisable to place the rug, for example, under the office desk, at the sales counter or at the kitchen counter

Grandmothers and grandparents will appreciate a better start-up of the body, when you need to step on them only during morning hygiene at the sink.

Innovated underside. The result is not only a better look but also functionality. The flexibility of the floor is also increased and at the same time higher load-bearing capacity is achieved thanks to stronger reinforcements. In addition, it evokes the resemblance of a honeycomb to children. As a result, the floor is elaborated precisely from all possible sides and also very attractive in appearance. Thanks to special locks in the shape of a puzzle, the individual parts of the floor fit together easily and allow countless combinations when folding.


Material: softened PVC - tested according to standard EN 71-1: 2014 + A1: 2018 and EN 71-2: 2011 + A1: 2014 and EN 71-3: 2019-08

Dimensions: 29.79 x 29.79 cm


Dimensions of individual parts: 29.79 x 29.79 cm

These floors are not compatible with Ortodon floors.

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