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Pedag Eco Friendly Natural Protector

Pedag Eco Friendly Natural Protector

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Pedag Eco Friendly natural impregnation

Looking for an environmentally friendly impregnation product? Then you've come to the right place. This innovative eco-friendly shoe care product provides effective protection with a 3D molecular structure: millions of tiny molecules are placed around each individual fibre to form an invisible protective film that protects all materials from moisture, stains and dirt.

The material remains pliable and completely breathable. The odourless, water-based, waterproof product can be safely used indoors.

Application: Make sure the surface is clean - the product can be worked into still damp material. Shake the bottle and spray the impregnator from about 15 cm evenly over the entire surface until wet. Now massage thoroughly with a brush (in the case of suede leather) or a soft cloth (in the case of smooth leather) to allow the active ingredient to penetrate deep into the material. For particularly good results, repeat the application two to three times, waiting 10 minutes before each application. Finally, wait another 10 minutes, then remove the excess impregnation to avoid colour differences after drying. Allow to dry at room temperature for 24 hours. After drying, buff the smooth leather and brush the suede.

You can protect the following materials with the impregnator:

  • smooth leather
  • suede
  • synthetics
  • textiles
  • matching materials with TEX climate membranes

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