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Shoeboy´s suede brush

plastic brush with handle, with fine brass wires

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Kartáček na semiš Shoeboy´s
Kartáček na semiš Shoeboy´sKartáček na semiš Shoeboy´s shoraKartáček na semiš Shoeboy´s zespoda
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Accessories - Cleaning



double-sided plastic combined brush 3 in 1 for easy shoe cleaning

combination of plastic, nylon - perlon, steel wires and soft rubber

it scraps the mud, combes the suede and cleans even narrow joints

one side with very fine steel wires and nylon bristles for gentle scraping of mud

the other side with 0.5 cm long soft and flexible plastic knobs for combing suede, velor

handy plastic handle that holds well

thanks to 2 toothed edges, you can also get to hard-to-reach places, such as joints in the sole

length 17.5 cm

quality guarantee, made in Germany

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