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SKINNERS 2.0 Marine socks XS (38-39)

Skinners socks for every adventure. Handmade in the Czech Republic.

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Ponožkoboty Skinners 2.0 Marine
Ponožkoboty Skinners 2.0 MarinePonožkoboty Skinners 2.0 Marine shoraPonožkoboty Skinners 2.0 Marine zepředuPonožkoboty Skinners 2.0 Marine symbolyPonožkoboty Skinners 2.0 Marine bokPonožkoboty Skinners 2.0 Marine tabulka velikostí
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Skinners 2.0 Marine socks

We present unique, Czech Skinners socks. Socks meet all the rules for barefoot shoes. They can be worn barefoot or with a thin sock. The product is partially resistant to cuts and weathering. They are made by hand in the Czech Republic. The new version 2.0 differs in width and in addition you will find a removable textile and a very breathable insole inside.


Skinners are as light as socks and as durable as regular shoes.
Experience real freedom of movement - whether you are in the city, on a hike in the mountains or on a trip with friends.


    Taking a backpack with shoes to put on is poison. But you have to change public transport or on a steep hill.


    During cycling trips, sightseeing tours are tempting, but it is not possible to walk in footwear.

  • WALK

    It is nice to take off your shoes all day and walk barefoot. But you could get injured or dirty outside.


    Yoga or pilates are practiced barefoot or in socks. But it is usually cold from the floor in the hall and it slips in your socks.


    Being in the gym in socks may be comfortable for you, but they will quickly slip and get dirty.


    When you travel, you will lose every pound, so it's nice to have light and stowable skinny socks with you.


Knit composition:

45% polyporpylene Sitex (Ag +)

22% viscose

22% cotton

11% lycra


Bottom layer:

2 layers of a mixture of phthalate-free abrasion resistant polymers


Skinners 1.0

Velikostní tabulka ponožkoboty skinners


Skinners 2.0

Skinners 2.0

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