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Payment & Delivery

 We emphasize the quality of the dispatched goods, so each pair is carefully inspected before being sent to you.






6,9 EUR   
Belgium       14,4 EUR  

 Sameday HD

6,5 EUR   

Econt HD

7,3 EUR  
Croatia    Overseas HD  5,9 EUR  
Denmark   Post Nord   12,9 EUR  
Estonia    Omniva HD  14 EUR  
Finland     Post Nord HD

 28,5 EUR


Post Nord PP

19 EUR  
France    Colissimo HD  14,5 EUR  
Germany    Hermes HD 5,7 EUR  
Greece     Speedex HD 7,5 EUR   
  BoxNow Box 6 EUR  
Hungary     Hungary post  6,1 EUR  
  Packeta Z-point 4,3 EUR  
Ireland    Fastway Couriers HD  17,4 EUR  

 HR PArcel HD

 9,3 EUR  
Latvia    Lithuanian Post HD  9,8 EUR  
 Lithuania    Lithuanian Post HD 7,8 EUR   
 Luxembourg    DPD HD  17,5 EUR  

 Netherlands Post

 12,2 EUR  
Poland     Home delivery 6,9 EUR   

Packeta Z-point

3,6 EUR  
Portugal    MRW HD  9,2 EUR  
Romania     FAN Courier HD  5,8 EUR  
  Packeta Z-point 4,7 EUR  
Slovenia    Express One  5,9 EUR  
Spain    MRW HD  9 EUR  
Sweden    Post Nord HD  20,7 EUR  




 platba převodem

Bank transfer

- Payment in EUR through bank transfer.

 Platba kartou

Card payment

- Payment by card, Bitcoin


Cash on delivery

Payment in cash or by card upon delivery.

4,5 EUR









In case of any issues, please contact us immediately.

We believe that the delivery of the goods will go smoothly. However, if you notice any detail in the delivery process that you are not satisfied with, we would greatly appreciate it if you could write to us or give us a call.

Feedback is the most important element for us in continuously improving our services.


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