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In 2016, we opened a family store in Jabkenice and launched the barefoot botky e-shop. Why did we decide to offer barefoot footwear? We wanted to provide healthy shoes that allow the feet to move and develop naturally. While searching for suitable shoes for our children, we realized that there was very little selection in Czech Republic, and so we decided to change that.

After a challenging start, we gradually expanded our selection and opened a store in Kolín. In March 2020, we moved to a larger space so that we could offer an even greater selection of barefoot footwear. However, we still maintain a personal approach to customers, whether they come to our brick-and-mortar stores or shop online at our e-shop. We strive to help each customer choose shoes that fit their feet perfectly and offer online consultation as well.

With us, you will never want to wear shoes that squeeze or hurt your feet again. In addition to healthier feet, you will also feel comfortable and stylish in our shoes. We believe that even the most demanding customers will find something to their liking in our selection.


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