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Affenzahn Pencil Case Koala Karla - gray

Dog David runs around and watches over your writing and drawing supplies. Cheerful school pencil case for all school compulsory. Weight 80 g. Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 5 cm

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Barefoot Affenzahn Pencil Case Koala Karla - gray
Barefoot Affenzahn Pencil Case Koala Karla - grayBarefoot Affenzahn Pencil Case Koala Karla - grayBarefoot Affenzahn Pencil Case Koala Karla - gray
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Affenzahn children's school pencil cases are ideal for all schoolchildren and small artists. They have their special abilities and characteristics. They will share the craziest adventures with you and they are nice creatures!

Overview of the functions of Affenzahn children's school pencil cases:

  • 1. Embroidered details: with a love for detail, all animals are well sewn and look alive!
  • 2. Pull-out language where you will find the name of his best friend, you!
  • 3. Large zippered pocket - ideal for all school and drawing needs
  • 4. Pencil case that just won't roll over! When you fill this pencil case with your writing utensils, it will not roll over and will stand firmly like a rock!


    Every detail of Affenzahn school pencil cases is lovingly thought out. That's why they are fun and functional at the same time.

    Experience every adventure together! With the friendly face of the Affenzahn school pencil case, it's like taking a piece of home with you everywhere.

    Discover the world of Affenzahn school pencil cases. Pull out your tongue and fill the pencil case with crayons and writing utensils of all colors. Playing with a favorite animal develops the child's imagination and at the same time trains fine motor skills.

    School pencil cases are fair and eco-friendly, Affenzahn is a partner of the bluesign® system, which is a guarantee of meaningful protection of our planet's resources in the production of these school pencil cases. Each school pencil case is made of one recycled PET bottle, among other things.

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