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Antibacterial shoe fresheners

Antibaterial shoe fresheners have a pleasant smell and beautifully not only smell the shoes, but also disinfect them

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Antibakteriální osvěžovače obuvi
Antibakteriální osvěžovače obuviAntibakteriální osvěžovače obuvi obal
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They remove odors and absorb moisture.
It refreshes shoes and smells like a pleasant scent.

in all types of footwear
into gloves
in bags with sportswear

Shoe fresheners remove odors without leaving any chemicals in your shoes.
They absorb moisture, which dries shoes and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. They refresh the shoes with a pleasant scent.

Package: 1 pair

It can be used repeatedly, it keeps the fresh scent and antibacterial ability for a very long time.

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