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Fare bare children´s year-round shoes 5113201

The footwear is extra wide, especially in the toe area, and has an ultra-flexible, thin and highly flexible sole.

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Fare bare dětské celoroční boty 5113201
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Type od abbot: sturdy heel


Shoes from the Czech manufacturer FARE bar for wide legs.

Type: barefoot - light, flexible, low year-round

Material: upper - brushed leather - nubuck (from natural cowhide leather), lining - synthetic, leather-like appearance and properties

Color: blue

Sole: thermal rubber, flexible not only transversely but also longitudinally

Fastening : 2 Velcro fasteners

Insoles: 2 insoles - the first insole is functionally and visually similar to the classic design. The second, lower insole has the task of allowing the user to adjust the necessary space inside the shoe. It is very easy to remove, if necessary, or vice versa, add and another layer. The insoles are not shaped.

Suitable for : "fins" - wide legs, narrow to normal heels and low to normal instep, significantly more space in the toe




Size   23 24 25 26 27                
Inner length (mm)   147 156 162 170 177                
Internal width (mm)   70 70 71 73 74              

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