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Life with a baby coloring page

Coloring book complete with poems. size 21 x 19 cm

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Coloring book complete with poems.

size 21 x 19 cm

The book and coloring book contains drawings from the baby's life: from pregnancy to the first birthday. I paid special attention to childbirth. We try to change the subconscious image of a woman in an unpleasant and unflattering position and a doctor in her intimate zone to a much more optimistic moment - the moment when the child is already born and the mother brings him to her for the first time.

Unlike other books about life with a baby, I do not show bottle feeding, but breastfeeding. Instead of sleeping alone in a crib, he sleeps with his parents. There is no pacifier in any picture. She does not ride in a pram on walks with her mother, but wears it in a scarf.

The coloring book shows everything the child experiences: breastfeeding, feeding, sleeping, walking. He is never alone, but he is always with his mother, father, grandmother or friends.

He lives cheerfully and playfully among his own.


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