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PEDAG Combi Set - a set of cleaning foam and cleaning sponges

PEDAG Combi Set - a set of cleaning foam and cleaning sponges

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PEDAG Combi Set - sada čistící pěny a houbičky na čištění
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Accessories - Cleaning

PEDAG Combi Set - cleaning foam and cleaning sponge set

The foam and sponge clean and nourish shoes, leather bags, leather jackets and leather accessories in one step. The cleaner removes salt and water marks and can also handle water-based stains. The Combi Foam Set prepares the material perfectly for subsequent care. The innovative drive valve produces a gentle and effective foam.

The leather cleaner with a fresh citrus scent can also be used at ease on knitted or perforated leather, for example, as it dries without leaving any residue when it has finished its job. Combi Cleaner also has a gentle side: lanolin cares for leather, keeps it supple and preserves its softness.

The dream team: the Combi Foam Set and the sponge work great together, and that's why they're together in one set! It makes cleaning so much more fun.

Colorless Leather Cleaner is suitable for:

  • smooth leather
  • sanded leather
  • smooth brushed leather
  • leather with pearl finish
  • metallic leather
  • stretch materials
  • textiles
  • synthetic materials
  • matching materials with climatic TEX membranes


First remove coarser loose dirt with a brush or cloth. Shake the bottle well and spray the foam onto the sponge. Then spread the rich foam over the entire surface and clean. Scrub the material more vigorously if the soiling is more intense. Treat the soiled areas first. Always remember to clean both shoes to avoid colour differences after drying. Allow the shoe to dry at room temperature for 15 minutes. After drying, buff the smooth leather and brush the suede.

Tip for material color fastness:
For colored materials, test for color fastness in a hidden or less visible area. If it is already soiled when wiped with a dry cloth or cloth soaked in water, it is recommended:

  • dry cleaning: carefully using an eraser or brush.


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