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Pedag nubuck liquid - nourishing leather milk, 75 ml - black

The conditioner gives intense and brilliant colour intensity, nourishes deeply and thus keeps the skin beautifully soft and supple. Designed for suede and nubuck.

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Pedag nubuck liquid - vyživující mléko na kůži, 75 ml - černý
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Pedag nubuck liquid - nourishing leather milk, 75 ml - black

Pedag Nubuck Liquid pampers suede (nubuck, velour) and textiles through intensive nourishment. Thanks to the restorative formula, the colour of the leather is simply revived and looks like day one.


After step 1 cleaning is completed, the surface of the shoe or bag is ready for care in step 2. Shake the sealed bottle well, hold it upside down and press the sponge against the heel of the shoe to release the liquid.

Squeeze the sponge to "pump" more liquid into the sponge. Apply the liquid evenly and gently using the sponge applicator. Start at the heel and work your way to the toe of the shoe. The leather should absorb the liquid to allow the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the material. Always treat both shoes to avoid colour differences after drying. Allow to dry for 10 minutes at room temperature. Then brush the fibres with a suede brush (Suede Pedag Brush) for a velvety look.

Tip for colour fastness:

Test the colour fastness of the leather in a hidden place. If the top material becomes discolored when rubbed with a dry cloth or cloth soaked in water, the liquid care could "wash out" the color pigments. For such delicate materials, pedag Nubuk Spray is suitable.

This suede care is suitable for:

  • suede leather
  • textiles
  • matching materials with TEX climate membranes

To protect your delicate suede from rain, dust and stains, impregnate it at the end (step 3 care protection). The pedag Protector impregnation will not only protect against raindrops, but also against dirt. This means that dust adheres less in the material and can be removed more easily.

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