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White adjustment socks L (43-46)

The original Adjustment Socks® serve as a therapeutic aid for the arched toe, hammer toes, crooked and cramped toes, frequent toe cramps, tired and sore feet, swelling of the feet, heel spurs, corns and other foot problems. Thanks to special interdigital separators, blood circulation is accelerated and thus the regeneration of the legs is accelerated.

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Adjustační ponožky White
Adjustační ponožky WhiteAdjustační ponožky White na noze
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White adjustment socks

Adjustable socks® are made of fine cotton with a mixture of polyester and elastane. They have a looser hem and an open front with four toe separators made of the same material as the whole sock. These separators exert a gentle pressure on the toes to align the toes. The dividers are made by hand and their production is strictly controlled, because to achieve the maximum effect of socks, it is very important to keep their correct length and width.

Adjustable socks relieve stress and tension, help to properly align the toes, reduce friction and irritation, relieve foot pain, improve blood circulation, and provide new energy to the feet and toes. They also reduce the need for surgery. They take care of a part of the body that is often neglected. The correct position of the foot and its individual parts affects the function of the whole body!

Adjustable socks are not designed for normal walking , they are fully effective in a relaxed position when the feet are not under pressure - ie when sitting, lying down or sleeping.

Wear adjustment socks preventively! With regular wear, the fingers will begin to stretch and straighten and the pain will subside.

Available sizes: S (up to 38), M (size 39-42), L (size 43-46), XL (size 47 +)

Composition : 90% cotton, 7% polyester, 3% elastane

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