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Wooden massage board 1

Forestones massage wooden mat

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Are you looking for a suitable sensory rug for you and your children? The solution can be a massage, wooden board.


It is suitable to place the board, for example, in the bathroom or anywhere where you often stand. You are there several times a day, and in addition, it will help you get your blood circulation going in the morning. Thanks to the pressure on the feet, you can tell if you are standing correctly. The body exercises itself and adapts to the "terrain".
Suitable for people with some forms of imbalance (e.g. after hip surgery, physically unilateral muscle problems, etc.), flat feet and problems with poor blood circulation (also suitable for older people).

Gentle but uncompromising wooden spikes will cause proper circulation of all important reflex zones on the feet. This means more energy for the internal organs, deeper breathing and a clearer mind


Dimensions (mm): 450x320x33

Tread surface: Ash

Side rails: Oak

Surface treatment: Safflower oil


It is made in the Czech Republic from local, hard woods.

Each piece is original with its wood grain and also a beautiful addition to your home.

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