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Filii barefoot - VEGAN MAMBA TEX Fleece Blau M 21

Ankle, insulated, waterproof, vegn, barefoot shoes with a membrane

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Barefoot Filii barefoot - VEGAN MAMBA TEX Fleece Blau M
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Beautiful waterproof, insulated shoes from the 2018 collection. Suitable for narrower to normal legs. The shoes are made of SUPER-TEX membrane and fleece lining. The sole is only 3.5 mm thin and highly flexible


Luxurious barefoot insulated, waterproof shoes from the new Filii collection in VEGAN design.

Thanks to the materials used, they are highly durable and at the same time light and flexible!

Use of the highest quality materials preventing the penetration of water into the shoe: synthetic material (microfiber) on the upper of the shoe + SUPER-TEX membrane . The shoes are insulated with fleece.

The unique Filii-barefoot sole is 3.5 mm thin, highly flexible and transforms every step into an experience of the senses. It does not contain latex and is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.


Filii is a German manufacturer of children's barefoot shoes using the highest quality materials, emphasizing details and overall high-quality workmanship. So why compromise?

Variant M - designed for medium and narrower legs.



Outer material - textile with membrane

Lining and insole - fleece

Sole - rubber


The shoes meet all the rules of barefoot shoes.

Size   23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32  
Inner length (mm)   152 158 163 170 178 185 192 198 205 210  
Internal width (mm)   63 63 66 66 70 72 73 75 76 78

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