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Lait et Miel blue stork slippers 3-4 R

Luxury leather slippers from the French manufacturer Lait et Miel

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Capáčky Lait et Miel čáp modré
Capáčky Lait et Miel čáp modréCapáčky Lait et Miel čáp modré bokCapáčky Lait et Miel čáp modré shora a podrážkaCapáčky Lait et Miel čáp modré obal
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Code:Laitcapmodre 3-4 R
Producer:Lait et Miel
Price with VAT : 23,88 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:In stock Kolín ( 3-4 R )
in stock, ready for dispatch
Width: střední , široké
Type od abbot: without flat
Children´s footwear - Barefoot boots for the first steps


Quality leather slippers made in France. The slippers are made of quality leather with certification. Thanks to the suede insole, they do not slip. They are easy to put on and hold well on the foot. Slippers are suitable for casual wear and for festive occasions.

The slippers have a beautiful shape, they also sit on legs with a higher instep


Like all leather products, leather slippers cannot be washed (leather would lose its elasticity and unsightly cracks could appear). We therefore recommend wiping with a damp cloth (sole and a soft brush), or with a small addition of soap, and letting it dry freely (not with heat sources). Or even better - use directly designed skin cleansers, which you can then use for other leather shoes that you buy for children. On the market, for example, there are special cleaning foams (leather soap). After contact with water, the skin tends to be a little harder, but all you have to do is rub the dry slippers between your fingers and after a while of wearing them they will be soft again.

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