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Protetika Kleo coral - year-round shoes

Year-round, flexible shoes from the Protetika brand

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Protetika Kleo koral - celoroční botky
Protetika Kleo koral - celoroční botkyProtetika Kleo koral - celoročníProtetika Kleo koral - celoroční botky zepředuProtetika Kleo koral - celoroční botky bokProtetika Kleo koral - celoroční botky zezaduProtetika Kleo koral - celoroční botky shoraProtetika Kleo koral - celoroční botky podrážka
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Protetika Kleo coral

Year-round, walking shoes made in Slovakia from quality certified materials. The shoes are beautifully flexible in all directions and do not have a heel. The tip is protected by a rubber trench.

Type: barefoot low year round

Material: smooth leather

Color: gray / orange

Sole : rubber, flexible in all directions

Fastening: two Velcro fasteners

Insole: leather, unshaped - without arch support for proper foot development

Suitable for: normal to wider leg and normal to higher instep, plump leg




Size 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Inner length (mm) 125 138 143 155 160 169 175
Internal width (mm) 58 60 62 63 65 67 68

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